Employee Vetting

Homelixpro offers a full background checks & vetting services to organisations. This ensures that any candidate applying for a position within any organisation has not falsified any of the information provided on their CV. The Homelixpro background checks & vetting services include: employee screening, current and prospective employee screening, CV verification, qualifications verification (degrees, certifications, drivers licenses), previous employment verification, character references and criminal record checks.

Client benefits

Background checks enable one to find out more about an individual or a business by way of gathering background information with regards to their past behavior and activities, their financial state of affairs as well as any criminal matters they may have been involved with.

Companies searching for an individual for a specific position do not necessarily have the time and sometimes the patience to sift through tens of thousands employment applications. We at Homelixpro can assist with not only shortening the process but making sure that the individual you select is ideal for your required position

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